Fear and the future.

The UK Government has been in limbo for three years. Lack of leadership, a failure to establish either goals or real idea of the consequences of Brexit, have mired the UK into a deep hole of indecision.

Many started this journey as voters who made a simple decision, leave or stay. The history is well known. Lies, maybe, on both sides about the promised nirvana or the fear of disaster. Neither side seems without fault. Yet three years on, the lies of both sides are repeated and repeated. Are they lies? Or are they just an expression of conjecture?

No one of course can tell the future, not even Philip Hammond on one side or Boris Johnson on the other. These guys believe what they say, but they are just hypothesising about what might happen in the future. So far all the doom and gloom merchants seems to have been badly wrong, of course the Brexiteers have not yet been tested.

What has been proved is that this mind numbing indecision is beginning to hurt the UK and the EU. ‘It you sit on the pot – do something or get off’, as an American chum of mine would have it.

I don’t particularly support leave or stay, but hey, we had a referendum. Its as good a stab at the future as any other. The result was leave, OK so lets leave and if necessary in an emphatic way. In the long term I have the view that it will not matter a jot!

Is that a lie or an idea?


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