Mayday! May day, may be.

Teresa May survived her vote of confidence last night, largely because it was a pointless exercise and no one else would want her job anyway.  How those post Cameron candidates must be chuckling.  So did the pantomime prove anything one way or the other?

Not much that we didn’t know before, namely the majority of Parliament are set against the backstop and that Mrs. May has proved inept at rallying support as she persists in trying to do the impossible on her own.  Someone must tell her that she is not a modern day Joan of Arc equivalent.  The idea of parliamentary democracy is about listening to the representatives of the ‘people’ and sharing collective cabinet responsibility.  In this, it is fair to say, Mrs. May has been hopeless.

However, despite these lamentable failings, the one quality of the PM that has shone through  has been her heroic doggedness.  A quality much admired by the Brits. She has managed to press on firmly convinced that she is right and everyone else except possibly Michel Barnier is wrong. She wears her responsibility for the nation as a crown of thorns and parades her pain for all to see. The loan hero walking the lonely road.  Hoorah!

If at the end of this campaign when and if  Brexit is completed, she knows she will be discarded, cast aside.  In the best traditions of national sacrifice she knows she will be thrown on the pyre of a ‘has been and nearly was’, national treasure.

Mrs. May’s outstanding achievement has been that she has increased the leave brigade by a very substantial number, as those of a compassionate nature rush to her defence against the bullies of Brussels.  There may be an artist somewhere putting paint to canvass showing the ‘Maid May’ looking to heaven as she is tortured by the slings and arrows of outrageous Europeans, and the perfidious forces of Rees-Mogg and co.

As dramas go this is pretty melodramatic stuff.  Time for Brussels to give the Brits something to cheer about.  Will they perhaps see that this poor sacrificial lamb of a Prime Minister is a Trojan Horse who”s really working for Rees-Mogg?  Or will she procrastinate yet a while and almost inevitably lead the late Great Britain into a ‘No  Brexit at all, or maybe a ‘no deal’ Brexit’.

Maybe she will, Maybe she won’t, maybe!


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