Anarchy and punishment.

If heads of state, aka Putin and Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), can order the murder of their opponents at will, even in other national jurisdictions, where does it all end? Are these people above the law?

It seems so.  Sanctions and even removal from power seem irrelevant.  That old nasty piece of work, Mugabe, for instance, lives in some style outside Harare after a lifetime of murdering and stealing.  Much the same can be said for Jacob Zuma of South Africa and alas many others. MBS locked away his cousins for massive corruption into a 6 star hotel for a couple of months – shame!

Is there a difference between murdering your own people at home or when they are away? Sounds a bit like a football fixture or vacation rental.  Of course this is not funny.  Monsters roam the world in all shapes and sizes and the world seems a long way off a solution.

What seems to me to be the point is, that we have to stop somewhere. The MBS murder of his opponent  Jamal Khashhoggi in Turkey seems so dire in every respect, that all right minded people should demand that MBS be put before an international criminal court.

Trump, another amoral simpleton,  will find a way to mitigate the Prince’s action, an accident maybe?  Give me a break!

Will MBS be made an example of in an international court?   Of course not.    Money they say makes the world go round.  Maybe the World Bank can do MBS down but somehow I doubt it.


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