The National Health Service – onward!

In the UK we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service.  This has become an iconic institution, a symbol of British middle way fairness and social consciousness. Free health service for all, free at the point of delivery for all citizens no matter what their social status or medical condition.   A truly wonderful edifice.  We see on our TV’s any number of documentaries showing the best of the system whether it be heroic ambulance crews or dedicated surgeons performing the most delicate and life saving operations.  The whole concept is wonderful.

Most of us are moved by the professionalism and dedication of all those who deliver these great services.  We are moved to tears as we watch the battles for life for old and young alike, and we marvel at the genuine generosity of spirit which runs through the organisation.

Yet, we are aware that with the advances of medical science, the consequent increase in the elderly population, we find it impossible to sustain and improve the service.  Everyone understands the issues here, it is the one thing that is not disputed by either political party, and yet there is a great reluctance to increase or re-dedicate the National Health Insurance stamp/levy to the sustenance of the N.H.S. and social services.

It is clear that the problems are gargantuan, but the longer the UK government of whatever hue leave it, the worse the situation will become.  There surely must be a three tier effort to improve the situation;

1 Amalgamation of Elderly care and the N.H.S. budgets and systems.

2 To have a cross party standing organisation to drive through efficiencies.

3 Re-calibrate the N.H.I. levy for all citizens according to their means and ring-fencing this indirect tax specifically for the N.H.S. and elderly services.

This is difficult but not rocket science, please politicians, whatever side you’re on face the dilemma and do something.  Interestingly anyone who moves first I think will win a great deal of support at the voting booth.


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