Left, Right or Centre, it’s a new day.

Many countries including the UK, maybe especially the UK, are running out of money.  From Local Authorities to all the great departments of state.  Whether it is the National Health Service, Education, Justice, even the Ministry of Defence.

The UK exemplifies the mature western democracy where capitalism is approaching the zenith of its life.  The rich are getting richer, the middle classes managing (just) and everyone below struggling in a low growth economy.

The key, the economists tell us is a lack of real growth and stagnant productivity, we have got to a stage where we find it hard to get even more bang for our bucks. So what to do?

Maybe, just maybe, crashing out of the EU will create such short-term distress that there will be a surge in enterprise to make up for the change of circumstances.  I don’t mean simply selling to non-EU countries, I mean a resurgence of creativity particularly, as seems likely, if the UK is cast adrift from Galileo and other scientific projects of pan European nature.

The future might see the UK, at last, recognizing that it is no longer a world leader either economically or militarily.  Consequently, the powers, at last, abandon wild armament programs such as Trident.  That does not mean shutting up the shop, all these fantastic skills and knowledge can be applied to so many applications from nuclear power to electric cars or hydrogen combustion engines.

Perhaps too, we could see the UK pick up and run with its education system which is currently squeezed so that many educational standards are losing ground and education itself, in all its form, is being devalued.

Most of all The UK could take a leaf out of The Donald’s book, put Britain first, not by protectionism but by creative power. By concentrating on making the UK a better and richer place where the riches are built on a vibrant education system, a competitive industrial base of a highly skilled workforce, and transport and infrastructure at least equal to our European competitors.

In Justice, we need a court that stands for freedom of anyone who makes their home in the UK and respects the rights of all men.  We need to care for all our folk, old and young alike.

To accomplish these things we need a centrist philosophy that balances the meritocracy and the social responsibilities.   Taxation needs to reflect the realities of the British aspiration, a good or bad Brexit, is still a new start for British values to stand and to be built upon.





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