The Thai cave rescue.

If you have scuba dived probably on holiday in clear blue water, or even done a bit of caving in your youth, you may just have an inkling of how horrendously difficult and dangerous this rescue attempt is.

Firstly the kids have little or no experience of scuba and they all are very young and innocent of the challenges they are about to face.  Then there are the rescue divers, brave beyond measure and themselves risking everything for this band of young Thai kids.

There is in this episode horror and honour both in gigantic measure.  In this case innocense has brought catastrophe.  The heroism of the rescuers is almost beyond belief and brings us to reflect on all that is good about the human condition.

I’m not one for religious gestures but I would urge us all to turn our thoughts and prayers to these bewildered children and their heroic rescuers.  Please, Please may they all survive the dreadful trial that is to come.  May their Gods go with them!


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