Dysfunctional Government

The UK prides itself on being the original model for parliamentary democracy. We have much to be proud of. However, we have shown ourselves to be hugely incompetent in managing the fruits of our no doubt well-intentioned labor.

The Windrush scandal is the results of manifestly racist and careless culture which has treated the whole of the rest of the world as ‘others.’ The British civil service and their political masters of whatever hue have relegated the issue of border control as a necessary evil which can be manipulated in any number of ways, convenient for the ruling establishment.

Hence the Windrush generation of mainly working-class citizens was consigned to the paper shredders of Whitehall whilst bent money launderers can without much inconvenience lodge their ill-gotten gains in the UK without so much as a cursory examination.

Many will argue that the twisted economics of the London property market and the disdain of my West Indian friends is the result of incompetence. Others, including me, see it as the result of endemic racism. I am ashamed.

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