Counterpoint- looking in the mirror.

How racist am I?                  How welcoming am I to strangers?

Am I quick to anger?          Do I listen and hear what my adversary has to say?

Am I dismissive of those outside my social class?  Am I generous to those with less than me?

Am I mean?   Do I share with someone less well off, even a little bit?

Do I hold a grudge?         Do I forgive easily?

When push comes to shove do I care about anything except me?         Do I love, really love, someone?

These are some of the intuitive counterpoints we all carry around with us.  The problem we all have is keeping these opposites alive and to the front of our minds and hearts. Living in harmony with our fellow men is always a matter of degree.

We all have our prejudices, and we allow them to grow unchecked until they define us one way or another.  Is it time for us all to have a real look at ourselves and review the balance of our prejudices?

It is easy in cold print to see how we should be, have we the courage to see how we are?

Happy Christmas, have a happy day whoever you are.



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