Why? What’s the point of hate?

All these crazy jihadis running around and murdering innocent people are trying to prove what?  That they’re crazy? Well yes, they proved that but not much else.We all weep as the world bleeds once more.  Surely there are enough natural disasters without these sins of pure hatred.

What the world has is a bunch of fanatics who do not apparently fear death and take pleasure in killing random men, women, and children. It is beyond all our rational thinking. The world weeps for this deliberate sin, surely there are enough natural disasters to deal with without these needless acts of hatred.  How do we stop it?  How do we persuade these jihadis that what they do has no purpose what so ever?

I haven’t a clue.  Maybe it’s pulling out the West from the Middle East where all these nuts seem to come from, however in this modern world that would hardly be enough. Putting more foreign troops into Afghanistan seems self-defeating in that this place has been at civil war for about a hundred years and it’s not about to stop now, indeed more foreign intervention is likely to exacerbate further tribal response.

The West has long argued that its job in the global scheme of things is to export democracy which is intrinsically good. Well sadly for us that view is not universally shared.  We’ve been at this since at least the sixteenth century exporting our Christain values and beliefs many of which were of course really evil, i.e. inquisition and many other regimes.

Hate is also reappearing big time in the USA fanned by the POUSA Trump.  This is dangerous stuff and U.S. legislators need to wake up fast. Get rid of that vicious half wit.

What the good people of Boston have demonstrated, is that the majority of my American friends are just that, friends.  Good people who tolerate and embrace many faiths and ideas from all sorts of diverse backgrounds.

Who would I like most to embrace? An easy answer, The good folk of Boston.

Trump is proposing to increase the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, of two things I am sure, it will be the wrong idea and the wrong result. Many foreign troops will perish and we will call them heroes.  They will be brave young men and women sent to a hopeless war by a misguided leader.  All this is predictable.  More killing – more hate.  Where does the so-called free world stop?



One thought on “Why? What’s the point of hate?

  1. Anthony you mirror my exact thoughts and put very well what twats of polititions fail to recognise. The terrorist world, with a mosaic host of beliefs will continue to endanger what we expect a normal family life. Their is no strategic solution. Maybe if we elected to build whatever temple they request, it would be better than whatever military involvement is considered.


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