As times goes by.

I remember all our yesterdays

Summer, winter, sad and happy days

lazy, sweet days of love and mingling

Days of wanting more,

Sometimes hurt by carelessness

Sometimes raised by care.

Counting all our yesterdays brings the years around,

But yesterdays are meaningless

For now, we’re safe and sound.

Today’s the day that counts,

it’s a building block of care

for all our future adventures yet to share.

For all the joys of yesterday are but the launching pad,

of glories not yet lived,

we may be older, but I love you more.

With a passion just as strong,

stronger maybe, but now more quiet,

cradling my heart where it belongs.

So be happy every day, my lovely,

It’s the first day of our lives.

Let’s live our love along together

Just content with what life brings,

As long as we’re together,

Whatever our fickle lifetime slings.



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