US trumps the UK!

The UK’s leaderless government is a bit like a fish tank.  The leader is in the obscure reaches of the foliage whilst the bigger fish left at home circle in a vacuous uncertainty. What utterances are given or leaked are of minor consequences as the whole  Parliament is frozen in the headlight of the onrushing Brexit.

In the USA however, they live in a different paradigm, where the White House is in chaos.  It is in its way vacuous too, but unlike the UK where there is a search for a coherent policy, without leadership, the US is led by an unstable and voluble President who has no idea what he’s doing.  He just shoots from the hip a stream of prejudice, nonsense, and downright bad manners.

Trump gets my vote as the most suitable painting (mine) to hang in the lavatory so that when I do the business I can focus on the poor old USA and its asinine leader.





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