Snake oil, the White House, and the BBC

An astonishing event took place last night, The BBC’s Emily Maitlis, the good looking side of Newsnight, faced the ‘Mooch’ aka Anthony Scaramucci the White House Director of Communications.  The Mooch, by the way, is sharp as a tack and has a hair to match, not a hair out of place.

Mooch wants to smooch and who wouldn’t with the delightful Maitlis, but she wasn’t having any.  Instead, she wanted to pin down this new man on the block.  What about the Attorney General?  What about the Russian scandal? The ‘Mooch’ was having none of that either.

Emily, one of the elite, Britsh elite to boot, clearly did not understand the President who is such a lovely guy.  He, the President that is,  understands things that even the ‘Mooch’ doesn’t get.  The President leads grass roots movement that understands the disenchantment of the political elite.  The President is also apparently the nicest most loveable and loyal man in the world.  Wow!

The ‘Mooch’ who not many months ago called the President ‘a dick’ or words to that effect, had missed the moment and the movement but he is now on board.

“Emily” The ‘Mooch’ smooched, “I think you’re sounding a bit like the elite!” Ms. Maitlis, legs out of sight, could hardly get a word in.  She searched for a question at which the ‘Mooch’ would not rush off at a tangent in praise of his misunderstood leader and came up with the subject of a post-Brexit trade deal for the UK and the USA.  At last a chance for the Mooch to smooch and Emily to smile.  Relief that the snake oil session was over, over to you Evan, Newsnight’s rather less glamorous presenter.


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