The writing or (eating) is on the wall.  Meat is a luxury that is in many ways ruining the world. I speak as a voracious meat eater who loves nothing better than a monstrously large piece of beef.  I am short, moderately fat and I have to admit to being happy!

It must be obvious, to all but the most sheltered, that continuing to devour millions of tons of meat every day has grave consequences for the planet.  The food required to feed all those animals, the land required to keep them, the greenhouse gasses, and not least the undoubted suffering of millions of animals on their way and at the slaughterhouses of our varied world.

It seems to me that there will inevitably have to be meat substitutes that provide protein and fat and at the same time appeal to our evolving palates.

Having confessed to being a meat eating slob, I have to ask what I can do to change first my personal habits and secondly what the world at large should do or could do!

Am I going to give up eating meat?  Probably not?  Certainly not?  Maybe?

What’s the world going to do about it?  I think the smart money is on a scientific solution; something along the lines of synthetic production of proteins from abundant materials without the greenhouse gasses and all that suffering. The same I guess goes for cows’ milk.  Somebody smart out there will make a lot of money and make the world a safer and a kinder place.


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