The British – the independants.

The Brits have voted to leave the EU.  Most of the voters have no idea what this means or why they cast their votes as they did.  However one sentiment underlies their drive – ‘we don’t like being told what to do!’  It’s important then that political leaders understand this very basic tenet.

Presently, the very decent Mrs. May is trying to lead a national government, largely populated by members who echo the national sentiment – they don’t like being told what to do. As  far as Brexit is concerned they are doubly wary when they have no idea or conception of what ‘Brexit’ will become to mean. No one does. They are scared of what they don’t know.  They are even more frightened of having to do what the Brussels bureaucrats eventually dictate.  ‘Telling the Brits what they must do!’

Mrs.May, a thoroughly good person who likes to think she is the only person who can read the British psyche, is alas, entirely unfitted for leadership.  She honestly believes in ‘right’ as promulgated in the Anglican Church, and who can argue with that?  Sadly she lacks the common touch, any semblance of personal wit or charm.  Leadership qualities that are indispensable today. Her predecessor had these qualities in spades and yet he is the one who lost the biggest gamble of all.

May, it must be said, has suffered a bounty of misfortune, much of it, but not all, of her own making.  The electoral choice was the greatest howler of modern politics, and the Tories, she knows as well as anybody, will not forgive her.

In a nut shell,  a country once great, is now cast adrift and poorly led with no idea what the future holds.  Add to that a loopy opposition of Trotskyists and you have a recipe for chaos. The consequent challenges and choices are immensely difficult and are made more so since May’s recent appeal to cross party consensus has fallen on deaf ears.

The future looks turbulent, May cannot last long and whoever succeeds her must have the wit, charisma and humour to carry a cynical parliament and electorate who are fickle and election weary.  Is there such a person in British politics?

Maybe there is someone,  and as it is apparent to all (except possibly Mrs. May) we must have change at the top, then they need to put their hands up.  It’s a scary challenge and it will need someone of heroic stature to rescue the UK and put even a small ‘Great’ into the GB of old.

Some would believe that the era of the Brits at the top table is passed.  Perhaps the new leader will think outside the box and reposition the UK where it would most like to be, independant, with fewer world resposibilities and left to make its own decisions.  No more leading europe, no more posturing at the UN, just getting on with being British; a stiff upper lip, a sound economy, good services and an educated population. This sounds like turning inward, and of course it is, but is UK in a position to do anything else? Is it giving up on our world leadership? – yes it is. Dare I say it? The new UKland, with no one telling us what to do.



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