Compromise can work, with leadership!

The UK Government of Mrs May is on a knife edge, no clear majority and a massive agenda to disengage from the EU. May has clearly been rocked back on her heels by the election result and has lost, not only parliamentary confidence but also her self-confidence. Of all things in these circumstances self-confidence is THE ONE thing she cannot afford to lose.

She has no alternative other than to be be more conciliatory toward the other parties but to do so effectively she must not be afraid to express her views and aspirations more openly than she has so far.  The buying off of the DUP seemed unnecessary, as the DUP would nver have voted to bring her down.  In so doing, she has built yet another hurdle for her Government in her apparent shaking of the illusive ‘golden money tree’.

For once in my lifetime th electorate seem to have got it right.  They want a middle ground Government, they want a sensible Brexit and they want to be informed clearly what their leaders aspire to acheive. The Corbyn platform is clear; look after the masses, care for the public services and tax the wealthy.  What could be clearer than that?

Well quite a lot actually, but never mind the detail, let’s wave the red flag and every student will get free tuition fees, public servants will get increased wages which they surely deserve, and the rich “shall be sent, empty, away”. Infrastructure spending will lead to a growing economy and whilst we will borrow to start, the infrastructral growth will lead to an increasing GPD and all will be well.  The ‘golden monay tree’ will be self perpetuating.  What a wonderful scenario.  How could Mrs May possibly come any way close to listening to, let alone cooperating with, such economic tosh?

There is self evidently a growing constituency that supports the Corbyn view of the promised land.  Surely they have a point though not perhaps the solution.

The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer, capitalism is not working for everyone. Yet perhaps Capitalsim is really the only game in town that can create wealth.  The Tories believe that to their core, and at the heart of their policy is a low tax, high economic meritocracy that generates growth.

The arguments come down to two vital areas;

1) How to preserve the freedom of a capitalist meritocracy without exploitative practises.

2) How to manage and share out the fruits that derive from such a system.

The Tories perhaps concentrate on the first  and the Socialists on the second.  Surely there is rooms for compromise.

Add to this already vexed dilemma, Brexit, and the perils that face the UK economy, certainly in the short to medium term, are certainly at very high risk.

Mrs May (terrorism, Grenfell Tower aside) has her plate full.  She must try not to alienate the opposition but to take them with her on what is an almost impossibly difficult journey.  Whilst May is prone to keeping her cards close to her chest, she has to open up and share her burden with the whole of parliament, however difficut that is.  It will mean conflict within her own party, it will result in more u-turns, it will almost certainly mean disappointmant for many.  Yet this is the only way forward.  Compromise is never easy.  I am by no means certain that Mrs May and the party she leads have the heart and the bravery to achieve a positive result via the bumpy road that is compromise and generosity of spirit.

It is not only capitalism which is under the spotlight, but democracy as well.


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