We Grieve.

It seems such a hard world full of grief.  Each day brings sadness upon tragedy, hate crime upon the innocent.  It is easy to dispair.  Grief overcomes our communities, we feel individually hurt by the brutalities that surrounds everyone of us.  Grief itself is painful, almost physical, a vicious emptiness fills the void where there should be joy.

It is very hard to syphon out the frigid void.  We need each other to lean on, to care for and to support.  It is eventually the only solution to heal the wounds of grief, but enormously difficult.

In that frigid lonliness there can grow self pity, emnity and anger.  From these sad reflections, hatred grows.  We turn away from care and toward  revenge and lash out at those we think we loathe.

What comfort then? Only this, turn to those you love and peace may one day come.  Yes there is blame, yes there is fault, yes those who we loved are lost.  Yes, we grieve, it is a desolate time.

Lean on each other and bare the burden.

Hush! go softly, – not with rage.


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