Meet me and greet me!

We have been reminded that those who seek to divide us seem to grab all the headlines.  There is undeniably an issue with multiculturalism that can lead to separation, suspicion and fear.  These moods are emphasised during times of tragedy and terror. It is a sort of blame game – blaming the ‘other’ tribe.

I am disinclined to greet a man or woman of different colour or culture than I am to nod a goodwill gesture to a fellow white man in my pub.  I am wrong of course, but I am becoming aware (very late in the day) that the only way to stamp out hatred is to embrace  fellow beings as warmly as can, I despite our differences, whether they be real or imagined.

Human nature is fickle, most of us naturally repair to our own.  From Supermarkets, to cultural events to religions we mix with those we are comfortable with. Fair enough! Perhaps then we should consciously try to be more receptive to other groups whatever their origin.

It really all boils down to good manners. Give your seat to an older person or a lady, never mind the colour of their skin or the way they dress.  Say ‘good day’ with a smile to everyone.  Shake hands when you have the chance and look into your fellow beings eyes and smile.  Such gestures are easy enough, yet so difficult to change the habits of a lifetime.  However, if enough of us do these things the world will be a better and safer place


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