UK political non-truths! Hiding behind Brexit.

Why do poilticians avoid the truth?  In the UK right now Theresa May is thumping the tub on one issue and one issue only: She’s the leader to take the UK through the Brexit negotiations.  Well, she’ll win,  she does seem the only coherent option, good for her.

But what about the other elephants in the room?  Not least the NHS and Social care. We all know that politicians bang on about “the NHS is afe with us, we’ll support it ad infinitum.”  Nonsense the NHS cannot go on with exponential demand and a finite budget.  Social care is grinding to a very inelegant stop as the population creeps toward 20% of it being over 70.  These issues are huge and evryone knows they are huge and the problem is unlikely to be solved by simply throwing money (not enough money) at them.

May should use her enormous political capital to do something which is a game changer, it is not appropriate to hide her intentions over these very important issues and hope that with a big parliamentary majority she can then undertake some radical and what will certainly be unpopular actions.  A very large proportion of the electorate will support changes if they can see the objective and understand its aim.

I fear that conservative dogma will limit her choices, which would be sad.  She says she is a woman of deep Christian principles, which enshrines giving, sharing and caring.  This could conceivably mean the taxing of the rich to give to the poorer, but that sounds like Mr Corbyn.  OK then, how about voluntary payments toward the NHS? Obsolute sacrilege, I hear them say.  How about a cross party development task force to come up with proposals before the end of her term of tenure.  She can hang up her boots if the report looks frantically unpopular, or she can wash her hands and say that the English committee cannot agree and the recommendtions will never be clear. Not her fault! The devolved administrations of Scotlad, Wales and NI are in even more parless situations, no matter which politcal party is in power.

Why don’t all of us admit that these problems are not easily solved.  At least admit they are problems and that things simply cannot go on in the same old way.  We cannot expect free healthcare at the point of issue, we cannot expect social care for seniors to be availbale for all, when we know that exponential demand both from population demographics and scientific advance will never decelerate.

Even Mrs May must see no single person or government will ever solve these porblems satisfactorily.  It’s beyond her, beyond her party, any party.  Surely there must be a cross party approach to these interminable problems.  Polititical kant is completely inappropraite.  Come on Theresa, show us what you really think.


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