100 days – from Pensylvania Avenue

It’s been great, and I’m still the most p[opular President and Commander in Chief – ever! I’ve sent more tweets than any President ever, which is great, isn’t it?

A lot of people and I mean a lot, have asked me if I will try to extend my Presidency for my lifetime and I think this is a good idea because then I will be able to do like that guy in Turkey. Erdogan or whatever, he doesn’t have busy body congress people looking over his shoulder any more – what a good deal that is.

I wouldn’t mind if I had just Jared Kushner and maybe Steve Bannon, but a lot of people don’t like Steve so maybe that’s not my greatest idea.  Jared, everybody loves him, he’s a smart kid and he’s a great help running America.

I see Barak Obama, that shmuck has been talking again, in fancy fuddy duddy english which makes him sound swell but he didn’t have the balls to drop the big bomb – Boom! that took it to ISIS. I’m no liberal namby pamby like Obama, bad sick guy, who’s not an American anyway.

I’m fed up with the bullshit I get from the media these guys just shovel out alternative facts that have nothing whatever to do with my actions – sad evil people.  They know who and what I am, – the greatest President this country has ever known, that’s who – every body knows especially the millions who turned out to support the most popular President the country has ever had – great, great.

I’m getting to know a lot of these foreign leaders and I must say the ones I like most are the guys who know how to run their countries with no bullshit congresses and the like.  The guy from Turkey sure – cool dude, then there’s Sisi from Egypt he’s a great giy.  On the other hand there’s that broad from Germany- she sure isn’t a looker and she goes on and on about values and crap like that no wonder Europe is in such a mess.  Anyway I discovered that Europe is bigger than England and The Queen does not reign over the whole continent, so maybe good old UK may go to the back of the queue again – but that depends if I play golf with the Queen after a ride in her golden coach, that would be great.

I had a great chocolate cake with the Chinese guy, can’t spell these Chinese names so I won’t bother, anyway it was the best cake ever and I told him I was going to flatten North Korea.  ‘Wow! buddy’ he said, ‘how about I give your wive a billion dollars worth of business in China’.  Well what do you think? Keep the wife happy is what I say.

On the project of painting the White house pink we’ve had some opposition so maybe my wife and daughter will come up with a different colour since white is so boring just like Washington.  Played golf only once last week, this job is no joke, maybe we’ll stay in Florida so I can play golf most days before or after work.

People are saying my cabinet is full of billionaires, sure they are, what do you want? – a bunch of failures?  We’re not filling a lot of Government jobs, they aren’t needed, cut back the civil service, who cares about Affordable Care, Universal Health Care, Clean Air, Abortions overseas, ect., ect.,, just got to focus on building that wall and digging more coal. That’ll make America great again.

Thanks for your millions of tweets and notes of love, it’s great being your President – maybe the greatest ever!






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