Letter from Pensylvania Avenue

Boom! Boom! Let’s be honest I’m the most decisive President and Commander in Chief ever!

That Obama guy had no balls.  He thought too much, he sounded good but frankly he was a bit of a shmuck.

My man is in Russia and he’s telling Putin to quit horsing around with that guy Assad or whatever his name is.  Iraq or is it Syria is an awful mess and I think nothing a couple of bombs wont put right.  They say we screwed up in Iraq, well maybe they have a point, but that was Bush and then Obama, these guys didn’t have a clue, you know what I mean. I will be decisive and if it takes a bomb or two then so be it, these guys have to know they can’t mess around with me.

The last big bomb we dropped, in Afghanistahn, not sue how you spell that or to be truthful even where it is. Anyway this was a warning to Kim Jong  Un (cant spell that either) that I will bomb him likewise if he doesn’t do as he should, no more nukes you hear me?

My wife got a tiny windfall from a UK false news outfit.  These guys are all the same the Mail, the BBC and whatever.  I tell you all these guys make up stories as they go along this Ivanka deal proves it, right!

I played golf only once this week, this job is getting me down.  What do they expect for goodness sake?  We’re gonna dig some coal and burn it, but it will be clean and all those miners can go back to work, I’m putting America first, screw all this environmental crap. I’m not sure how to make coal clean, hey if you burn it its clean right!

Rex will be back from Russia tomorrow I expect he’ll stick around to do some deals with his oil pals, deals are what makes the world go round and Rex, he’s nearly as smart as me and that’s pretty smart.

Got to change ma’ shoes I can get 18 holes in before dinner. Some folks comin’ round don’t rightly know who, but hey, I’ll be in tip top form whoever they are.  Remember I’m the most populer and decisive president there’s ever been.


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