Another letter from the House in Pensylvania Avenue (Quay largo)

It’s been great hasn’t it? I’ve really gotten into this job, I love it.  Some of the folk who work for me are not doing so well which is  a bit of a disappointment, but hey there you go, I’ve fired one or two – you aint seen nothin’ yet.

I sure stuck it to them Ruskies and their pal Assad,  shot the hell out of them, great, really great, being the commander in chief I can do this sort of thing. I’m thinking seriously of nuking that luny guy in North Korea, I’m not sure where it is but this fat guy looks a nutcase to me.  Watch this space!

I understand that the folks who voted in their millions think I’m the best President the US has ever had. I’m not so sure but maybe they’re right.  It’s a democracy folks, that’s why I’ve got all these rich dudes working with me – these guys know how to do a deal – you know what I mean.

The White House is a drag, lots of newspaper people hang out and make up false news, I’ve a good mind not to go back, Florida is nicer, and they just love me here.  I come down every weekend , close the roads, the airports everything just because I’m the Commander in Chief.  Yeah, they love me down here and I can play golf when I want.  I’m practicing for when I go to England so the Queen can see my best shots.  Won’t that be a blast!

Talking of blasts, I think we’ll make up our mind on Wednesday if we’re going to nuke that fat idiot in whererever, Pong Pen what ever, anyway, it’s a long way from here but I’ve sent the navy, the whole nine yards – let me tell you I’m the best Commander in Chief ever!


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