Another letter from the House in Pensylvania Avenue (Quay largo)

It’s been great hasn’t it? I’ve really gotten into this job, I love it.  Some of the folk who work for me are not doing so well which is  a bit of a disappointment, but hey there you go, I’ve fired one or two – you aint seen nothin’ yet.

I sure stuck it to them Ruskies and their pal Assad,  shot the hell out of them, great, really great, being the commander in chief I can do this sort of thing. I’m thinking seriously of nuking that luny guy in North Korea, I’m not sure where it is but this fat guy looks a nutcase to me.  Watch this space!

I understand that the folks who voted in their millions think I’m the best President the US has ever had. I’m not so sure but maybe they’re right.  It’s a democracy folks, that’s why I’ve got all these rich dudes working with me – these guys know how to do a deal – you know what I mean.

The White House is a drag, lots of newspaper people hang out and make up false news, I’ve a good mind not to go back, Florida is nicer, and they just love me here.  I come down every weekend , close the roads, the airports everything just because I’m the Commander in Chief.  Yeah, they love me down here and I can play golf when I want.  I’m practicing for when I go to England so the Queen can see my best shots.  Won’t that be a blast!

Talking of blasts, I think we’ll make up our mind on Wednesday if we’re going to nuke that fat idiot in whererever, Pong Pen what ever, anyway, it’s a long way from here but I’ve sent the navy, the whole nine yards – let me tell you I’m the best Commander in Chief ever!

About manseljames

75 yrs young happily living in the land of my fathers. Married to the lovely Dawn and father of my lovely Vicky. Poet and writer who scribbles away every day. Write novels, blogs and poetry and don't much mind if the works reach a wide audience or not. Well traveled but now putting down roots at last. Not much of the world left to see! Thankful for a great life so far and revving up for a strong finish!
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