A democratic folly!

Surely Mr Trump’s excesses by executive order have some bounds!  Or do they? Can this guy do as he wants without any checks and balances?

Yes,of the voters, 48%, say he’s doing a good job – keeping the coutry safe et al.  Are they serious?  Trumps’s actions will almost certainly  increase the jahadic sentment round the worls and increase terror.  Whether that is manifested in the USA is one thing, it really doesn’t matter, what is sure is exclusion of several nations from equal rights is fundamentally silly, rediculous, even the most intellectually challenged can see that.

Locking the door and looking inward, putting those inside before those who need to come in, is xenophobic   Such attitudes and actions will stimulate resentment and counter-response.

The United States is putting itself deliberately in the way of harm, all just to satisfy the populist sentiment that locking the doors will make the largest and most endowed country in the world safer. It just will not!

I am no constitutionalist, but I sure hope Abe Lincoln got it right.  The way this Trump is heading, is toward world wide chaos and he’s only been there a week.

Only a ego-maniac would stipulate that he wants the Queen of England to watch him play golf in Balmoral, and that’s just what he’s proposed.  I rest my case.

I just hope that the US constitution is safe and that the excesses of an individual whoever he/she may be are limited to prevent harm to the Constitution of the United States and to the welfare of the world at large.



















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