Trump in Charge 2

To see Trump’s press officer demand that the press report that there were more people at the Trump inaugeration than any other PERIOD!

Are these guys completely crazy or what?

Does it even matter how many people turned up?

But asking your official mouthpiece to just talk delusional non sense, which further more is not only laughable but instantly proved to be so.  By the way I thought the mouthpiece was a very unpleasant individual who’s not going to win any popularity contests.

But there is a serious point here.  O.K. Trump is an egocentric populist but trying to force the press to report plain lies is not palatable for anyone, least of all a prominent leader of the so called free world.  Trump then continued his rhetoric of self delusion at the CIA H.Q..  This time he stated the press were calling him names and had fitted him up against the security services. He must know he’s about the most recorded and filmed man in the world – at least I hope he does.  It must follow that what he’s said earlier will be recorded not just for the weekend but for posterity.

We have to worry if the President of the United States is a pathalogical teller of untruths and a maker up of truly fantastic tales.  Yes he was democratically elected and he’s in the White House, but that doesn’t mean he’s beyond the truth.

We can’t suddenly scew the truth to suite this egocentric populist who is clearly either deliberately or perhaps through mental issues ignoring the truth. God help America, God help us all!










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