You can’t have your cake and it it.

So the iconoclast Trump has carried the day. So be it, all people of goodwill will wish him well as he undertakes the leadership of the free world.

That doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed that Hillary didn’t make it, but 32 years between Bushes and Clintons would give anyone a fatigue attack!

I am also disappointed to see (I assume the democratic fringe) demonstrating against the results.  Come on, that’s what democracy’s about for goodness sake.   You can’t have your cake and eat it!

Many people voted for Trump not because they liked what he said, it was just that he sounded different.  So my American friends now expect change to come to America especially since the Republicans command the Congress and the Senate as well as the White House.

America now has a President who thinks it’s smart not to pay income tax, let’s hope when he lowers taxes he doesn’t give the same deal across the board or the USA will be full of smart rich folks but with no roads or schools.  I jest of course, Mr. Trump is not like that, is he?

America has a President who will abolish Obamacare, build a wall along the Mexican border, and ban all Muslims from entering the USA.   Will he? Really?  Mr. Trump is not like that, is he?

Trump is above all else, a scatter-brain in the best sense of the phrase, he’s an off-the-cuff kind’a guy, and therefore unpredictable in most ways.  However, the other side of that same coin, is an innovative maverick who will certainly bring new ideas, however left field those ideas might turn out to be. Our hope must be, that the vanity that scarred the election campaign, is tempered by responsibility and that the new President will surround himself with men who are honest and wise. (The electorate believe this excludes most politicians.)

The big ‘I AM’ who ran for President-elect must be replaced by the big ‘We the American People’s President’ in the Whitehouse. Some transmogrification you might think.  The White House is not Trump Tower in the park, and the constitutional checks and balances will insulate the USA and the world from his wildest ideas.  But let’s not reject all his ideas out of hand, let’s not forget he singlehandedly won the greatest election on earth.

The future looks more risky than it did a week ago, but who’s to say what the future holds? We can’t go back, the electorate have spoken.  That’s democracy for you.


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