A Nation of Xenophobes.

In my blog “Children in Calais.” I asked the question, ‘Does the political will to bring a few hundred children to the UK exist at all?’ Well it clearly doesn’t, the UK Government made what can only be described as a shambolic and weak effort to bring these children (who have families in UK already) home.

The civil service, who I assume were tasked to get this done, failed miserably, another example of the establishment dragging its feet, I assume because no one really cares and they (the establishment,) don’t want any more immigrants in our green and pleasant land.

Shame on the Government, Shame on the Home Office and Shame on the Civil Service, Shame on us all, the Brits!

In truth the British people have not covered themselves with glory over the post war years.  From the shameful treatment of Caribbean immigrants after world war two, to our opt-out of the present migrant crisis largely (not exclusively) caused by US/UK foreign policy of the last twenty years.

Brexit was fuelled not by rational argument about sovereignty, fiscal integration, and anti-federalism but by the issues of immigration.  Large parts of the UK electorate voted out of a misinformed xenophobic fear.  Yes, there are many rational grounds for leaving the EU but surely open borders is only one, and then only valid when related to infrastructural and social services.  Immigration has immeasurably enriched the UK and continues to do so.

What we see is a nation of xenophobes who have been mollycoddled over the years by a misplaced welfare dependency which has split the country into haves and have-nots.  The less well-off are jealously guarding their slice of the national cake and woe betide any person or politician that threatens their share.  Hence we have a political class that guards the status quo.

We would do well to examine our national psyche and review where our international compassion has gone.  Our nation and its international influence were built largely on the backs of slaves and the conquered colonies.  We owe the world a lot and we still have a lot to give.  By closing our hearts and minds we are denying our place in the world.



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