Brexit home to roost!

It never ceases to amaze me that politicians can be so obtuse. The front bench opposition Foreign Secretary took up a serious share of ‘Question Time’ on the BBC to talk vacuous nonsense.

We shall respect the vote of the people, all the politicians bleat about the potential negativity of the outcomes.  It is as if they are the walking zombies who’ve been unconscious throughout the last four to five months. They are seemingly unable to break away from their previous mind-set that the EU, on balance is/was good.

Well tough, I wrote on this blog on the 25th May, the following;

When David Cameron promised a Brexit referendum he must have been unwell or at least seriously ill advised. 

Well here we are, the Tory party very close to melt down and the UK preciously close to a vote to leave Europe.

The consequences of the Tory party collapse is a serious long term issue that will perhaps will heal in time – say ten years assuming the Brexit vote is clear.  If the vote is very close as is predicted then God help the Tory party who will bicker on forever.  So no benefit there for the Conservatives or the country.

If the vote is for out, then again we can all see the Scots heading for the door and Ms. Sturgeon beating the drum for independence.  That will be no good to anyone not even the Scots.

So far not very good whichever way you look at this catastrophic political decision of the Prime Minister.

The vote then will be decided on ‘gut feel’ it will be entirely left to chance.  The intricacies and arguments surrounding the Eurozone, the Schengen zone, macro-economics, world trade et al. for the most part will be known and understood by a modest number of voters.  In short confusion reigns and our futures will be decided by an ill-informed (for the most part) and ignorant voters.   Democracy wins!

It seems that the Conservative party has got itself into a lose-lose situation.  Not the greatest political judgement by its leader.”

How prescient was that!

It must be obvious even to the half-witted politicians that we have to get the best deal we can predicated on, Control of our laws, Borders, and Courts.  The consequences may well mean we have to leave the single market.  We have to wait and see.

One of the issues which all the politicians seem to be ducking is the effect on the Euro and its comparative value both to the Dollar and the Pound. They will stabilise in time I suspect with the Euro at the bottom of the pile.

The negotiations will be horrendously complex and chaotic with each of the 27 EU countries attempting to get their spoke in.  Of course we don’t know what our plan is except that we want Sovereignty, control of our borders and laws, at the best terms we can get.- Simple, no, but empiric -yes.

Let’s get on with it.  The miserable opposition from Labour and the SNP is exactly that, they want their cake and they want to eat it.  Why don’t they grow up?





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