The light still shines.

The Light Still Shines.

It seems that the media wants to keep us in the dark.  The news is always about the darker side of life.  But the light still shines if you look about you. There is an abundance of good news.  Good deeds and love abound, even some politicians are really doing good.  National perspectives are often noble and caring whilst there are many at the centre of world politics who are doing what they can to move the world to being a kinder and more hospitable place for mankind and his environment.

Sure there is much evil, hatred and angst but let’s forget that for just a moment, let’s get into the habit of looking for the good in our wonderful world.

Children are born every day, people fall in love, some folk go out as just somebody and return home as heroes.  Doctors save lives, charities give comfort, heroes are not hard to find. The widow gives her mite, the soldier lays down his life, a mother gives her dead sons organs so that someone may live.

People travel and make friends, they smile though they cannot speak the language, they touch hands and see in other eyes the good that lives in them.

It’s the small things as well as the bigger ones that make the world go round.  So tomorrow give the world a push and think of something wonderful


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