The Clintons, good or bad?

Jealousy – The dangers of success.


One of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is so disliked in America is because she and President Bill have reaped such rewards since Bill left the White House and Hillary became Secretary of State.


There have been many claims of skulduggery and fraud and even that the enormous Clinton Foundation only gives 6% of its wealth to charity. This is true when considering what the Clinton Foundation gives as cash to other charities, it is not true as the Foundation acts as a charity itself and disbursed 80%+ of its assets directly into charitable projects. There are other rumours that The Clinton foundation and the Secretary of State ‘fixed’ deals including the now infamous Kazakhstan Uranium One saga.


The most powerful force in American politics today is anti-establishment fury at a system rigged by a power elite that is anti-democractic.  You can see their reasoning. And yes there is little doubt that the two most famous people on the planet may have got ahead of themselves and made mistakes.  It seems inconceivable that in their situation, conjointly and individually, meeting world leaders on a daily basis they didn’t consciously or otherwise optimise those chances to enhance the Clinton Corporation. What is key in the argument here is whether the Clinton Corporation is really a force for good and that the Clintons themselves are drivers for doing good in the fields specified by the Clinton Foundation. Do they, Bill and Hillary, take cash off the top for their own good?  Does Bill get paid huge amounts to speak because he is who he is or because his wife was the Secretary of State?  Probably on both counts there more than a smidgeon of truth.


Many articles have been written emanating from ‘Clinton Cash’ that have cast a shadow over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Clinton’s team and its allies have released multiple statements about the various issues detailed in book. It has been pointed out that the book’s author, Peter Schweizer, has worked with conservative groups and characterized the book as a partisan smear. A Clinton campaigner responded to the post that claimed Clinton played no part in the Uranium One deal and that the State Department was one of many agencies that approved it.

Below is a prospectus of the Clinton Foundation (2013), read it and see if the work done fits with these lofty ideals.  My own researches give me cause to give the Clintons my support, the Foundation has without doubt done more good that many other charitable foundations.  Yes there have been mistakes, but hey who hasn’t made mistakes?


The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation (the “Foundation”) builds partnerships of purpose to help people across the globe live their best life stories. We work with businesses, NGOs, governments, and individuals around the world to work faster, better, and leaner; to find solutions that last; and to transform lives and communities. In 2013, the Foundation expanded our work, reinforced our financial footing, and became better positioned to maximize our impact for years to come. Our tax statements reflect these improvements. To further our long-term impact, the Foundation began raising funds in 2013 for an endowment that will help us responsibly support established programs and expand our work. Financial commitments related to this endowment are reflected as increased revenue in these 990 documents. In addition, in 2013 the Foundation reconsolidated the Clinton Global Initiative into its operations. As such, the 990 tax document shows a corresponding increase in both revenue and expenses. The 990 document for the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a separate but affiliated initiative of the Foundation, is also included. We are proud of the impact that the Clinton Foundation has on millions of lives across the globe. In 2013:

  • The Clinton Climate Initiative expanded its home energy efficiency upgrade program, from one program in Arkansas to six programs across the nation;
  • The Clinton Development Initiative expanded programs in Malawi, Tanzania, and Rwanda that help more than 25,000 farmers generate greater harvests and more stable income;
  • The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership opened new supply and training center enterprises in Colombia and a new distribution venture in Peru;
  • The Clinton Global Initiative brought together CGI members, who made more than 300 independent commitments in 2013 that, when fully funded and implemented, will impact the lives of more than 22 million people;
  • The Clinton Health Matters Initiative expanded community health and wellness programs in four communities in the United States, and helped facilitate $100 million in strategic partnerships that touch the lives of more than 25 million across the country;
  • The Clinton Presidential Center hosted symposia and exhibits, on topics such as the Northern Ireland peace process, and marked over three million visitors to the Little Rock Center since 2004.
  • Volunteers participated in five Day of Action events across the globe, including in St. Louis, New York City, Rio de Janeiro, and Chicago.
  • The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, an affiliated initiative supported by the Foundation, added more than 5,000 schools to the Healthy Schools Program that serves more than 12.2 million children with healthier food;
  • The Clinton Health Access Initiative, an affiliated initiative supported by the Foundation, expanded access to more affordable HIV/AIDS medicine to cover 6.8 million people in over 70 countries, while reducing prices for medicine and vaccines; In addition, Secretary Clinton launched two initiatives in 2013, expanding the Foundation’s work in early childhood and women’s and girls’ participation. Too Small to Fail is focused on providing parents with the tools and information they need to close the word gap and give their kids the best start in school and in life. No Ceilings:

The Full Participation Project, led by Secretary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, aims to advance and inspire the full participation of women and girls around the world. We are incredibly proud of our work helping people live their best life stories. With an even stronger year ahead the Foundation is well placed to further its charitable aims.



As for the other Presidential candidate, I don’t think charity is his thing!


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