The young should be ashamed

Here we are Brexit, for whatever reason. The youth of the country were too lazy or disinterested to turn out to vote and so we are OUT. Now we are getting the youth bitching that they have been sold out by older generations who overwhelmingly voted to leave. In my case because of the political imperatives attached to the single currency, nothing whatever to do with immigration.

It was the young who saved this country time after time giving their lives and fighting for change and democracy. I envy the young, yes I do, because they have the opportunity to discover new things and new ways.

What is wrong with these youngsters who are seemingly afraid of change? They’ve shunned the opportunity to vote and now they complain, they demand rights to vote and then do not have the gumption to vote. They should be collectively ashamed and get a grip.

We rely on them to pick up the cudgels and work for a New Britain outside the EU. It might be tough, it might be rough but for sure it’s a time for invention and creative initiative. It’s a time for youth for goodness sake. Come on you youngsters pick up the ball and run. Don’t sit in the club house and say you don’t want to play.


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