A Sovereign Lady

A Sovereign lady. 90th birthday

Our Sovereign lady, Elizabeth our Queen.
What tosh! It’s the class, that abominable English thing.
The class we all despise. Yet despite the pomp,
the deference and the wealth
They love her still, a tonic for the nation’s health.

Despite the bells and whistles, the baubles and the beads,
and in an age of doubt where many folk are lean,
where food queues grow and welfare creeps.
Despite all the jewels and the crown,
they love her still. The nation’s trust she keeps.

She’s not tall, in fact she’s short,
Nor fat or thin, just so.
Each earring’s worth a house
How much was that hat?
They love her still, no matter what the cost of this or that.

She has a man, a man who can
and has, done all the things I’d like to do.
What sort of man is that?
A royal bloke, who appeals to all.
He loves her still, the man who’s tall.

She has a son, who does his bit.
He talks to trees and no doubt bees,
Despite his foibles he has the Trust
a royal prince who’s earned his spurs.
He loves her still. What about the future years?

Do you know what? In truth to tell, they’re right!
Despite the earrings and the crown,
she bares her duty, she’s never down,
and shows what work and service mean.
It’s no surprise – we love my Sovereign Lady Queen.

About manseljames

75 yrs young happily living in the land of my fathers. Married to the lovely Dawn and father of my lovely Vicky. Poet and writer who scribbles away every day. Write novels, blogs and poetry and don't much mind if the works reach a wide audience or not. Well traveled but now putting down roots at last. Not much of the world left to see! Thankful for a great life so far and revving up for a strong finish!
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