Cameron -Democracy! What a chancer.

When David Cameron promised a Brexit referendum he must have been unwell or at least seriously ill advised.

Well here we are, the Tory party very close to melt down and the UK preciously close to a vote to leave Europe.

The consequences of the Tory party collapse is a serious long term issue that will perhaps will heal in time – say ten years assuming the Brexit vote is clear. If the vote is very close as is predicted then God help the Tory party who will bicker on forever. So no benefit there for the Conservatives or the country.

If the vote is for out, then again we can all see the Scots heading for the door and Ms. Sturgeon beating the drum for independence. That will be no good to anyone not even the Scots.

So far not very good whichever way you look at this catastrophic political decision of the Prime Minister.

Even worse, some would argue that the referendum will excite only a minority of voters to turn out at all. The majority of those who do so will be the older generation of pensioners. The snag with this exercise in democracy is that no one, not even those who are relatively well informed, will know precisely what they are voting for or against. ‘He who tells the future tells lies’ so goes the ancient proverb.

The vote then will be decided on ‘gut feel’ it will be entirely left to chance. The intricacies and arguments surrounding the Eurozone, the Schengen zone, macro-economics, world trade et al. for the most part will be known and understood by a modest number of voters. In short confusion reigns and our futures will be decided by an ill-informed (for the most part) and ignorant voters. Democracy wins!

It seems that the Conservative party has got itself into a lose lose situation. Not the greatest political judgement by its leader.


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