Organising the political agenda

I was interested in an article in the Times today which touched on the dilemmas of the leading UK political parties. The gist is that political parties should change their organisation if they change their goals. I.E the conservatives move left to centre they need a known genuine softer operator at the Treasury alongside Osborne. Likewise if Corbyn is going to make any progress at all he has to gain the support of the parliamentary party or risk anarchy.
When I worked I often tried to match organisations with goals. If you want to score goals you have to have a strike force and you have to make sure they get the ball. elementary I hear you say.
However successful organisations e.g. election winners often sow the seeds of their own self destruction by failing to change and repeating yesterdays’ solutions to today’s problems.
Progressive change is essential, Cameron is stuttering and failing in his bid to be the party for all, whilst Corbyn is floating on a mirage of innocently naive rhetoric.
The point is that the UK electorate want steady management with sensitive and reasonable compassion. Neither party seems to understand this.


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