Your Street and My Street.

Earth Street, UK street, Euro Street, My Street they all have something, no, not something, they have a lot in common. Up and down these streets neighbourhoods, streets, counties and countries there are richer and poorer. Those who are employed and those who are not, those who are gifted and those who are not, those who are well and those who are not.
To ease the gradient between the haves and have nots has been the holy grail of social attainment and so far no nation or even a street has attained a balanced equilibrium. The Human situation still evolves. Slavery was a main driver of European advancement not that long ago. What was then an accomplished business acumen is now widely acknowledged to be evil. Yet the exploitation of the poorest continues, slavery although not prevalent in the ‘West’ is not by any means a thing of the past. There remain millions of slaves still, in places from London to Lima, Toronto to Tanzania.
The abuse of our fellow human beings is, it seems part of human nature. Slavery is perhaps the most selfish of all human frailties.
Yet those human tendencies of self interest still pervade the streets at all levels. Respecting all levels on the street still evades us. Rich countries still interfere with poorer ones, rich people still enslave the poor. Politics and political ideologies polarise between socialism and capitalism, both systems with abounding merit but never practised anywhere close to their ideal.
It seems that the human race is unable to balance self interest with the common good.
To urge us along this path of righteousness the religions of the world resound with moral and ethical advice, sadly though much of those teachings have great merit, the teachings themselves have led to the extremism even of the most modest interpretations.
The consequence of all this is more division between not only the rich and the poor but the believers and the pragmatics.
The common good is so easily spoken but so incredibly difficult to define. It is easy to see the common good with neighbours from the middle of your street, but it is beyond most of us to see the common good with someone who lives on a street far away with different beliefs and different perspectives of what is their ideal environment.
Both the excesses of the rich and the extreme are evil. The Earth street community struggles with both, let us hope that mankind evolves in a way that enables it to live with and ameliorate these sad faults which if allowed to continue to grow will be the end of us all.


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