Which house do you live in? (1)

Imagine the world as a street. The rich live at one end and the poor at the other.
The rich pass all their dirty jobs down the street. The poor envy the rich. The poor work on menial and dirty jobs while the rich generally work as organisers or in knowledge industries. The rich do not by and large like to see poor folks in their area. However the rich often visit the poor end of the street where they acquire goods which are cheaply manufactured because the rich control demand.
There is a head of every house in the street. Some are wise, in fact they all see themselves as wise. Some are well scrutinised whilst others rule their houses with selfish abandon. The further up the street you go, the rich are by and large ruled better than the poor who frequently have dominant or totalitarian heads of house.
A lot of people want to move away from the poor areas with the dirty jobs and poor leaders and they have two ways of doing this 1. packing their bags and leaving their homes and marching up the street or 2. by changing their circumstances at home via education.

Sometimes the head of house has a long term plan striving to move the whole household up the street. To educate and change a whole household to move up the street is very difficult to do. Right now on Earth street the China House is on the move, the India house is on the move and the Russia house is agitating and not quite sure where it wants to move, certainly not down the street but not necessarily up it either.

The whole of Earth Street is managed by a sort of rough consensus based of course at the top of the street in the garden of America house which is No.1 Earth street. The richest five houses have arranged that they will be in charge whatever happens even if other houses move up in relation to the big five.

Some of the houses are small and rich, they have energy resources and so everyone even the rich folk at the top of the street are very keen to keep them friendly even if their behaviour in their own house is, to say the least, strange to old richer houses.

The question arises when the rich folk get uncomfortable with the way their poorer cousins, what do they do?. Being at the top of the street gives them ‘clout’.
No 1 in the fifties and early sixties interfered both covertly and overtly with the houses which they considered neighbours from not quite the right background. That is to say those neighbours did not and do not embrace capitalism with the same enthusiasm of the rich folks, some of them were socialist an extremely dirty word at No 1.

Latterly the rich folks decided that they wanted to change the head of house in a number of houses down the street. In so doing they made a lot of houses and their family heads get very uncomfortable indeed. So uncomfortable that they have never settled down and that area of the street is now a shambles.

In the meantime the very big houses China and India have striven to aspire to a better address up the street. Both houses have or are succeeding in different ways. The rich folks are uncomfortable for these two houses have, especially China has been a major buyer of commodities owned by the top of the street and provided cheap goods for the consuming rich.

The China House has been changed from a huge peasant primitive economy to a more sophisticated manufacturing based system and in so doing has delivered a richer aspiring class of its own citizens. China has done this by rigid state control and has been criticised for being non democratic in the process. Nevertheless a billion people are now out of poverty and are aspiring middle class citizens.

India despite its chronic chaotic and corrupt systems has emerged as a house of massive proportions devouring knowledge and science faster than anywhere else on earth and is bustling its way up the street. It still has a way to go simply because of its weight of numbers and the distribution of its new found wealth to the still huge numbers of poor.


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