Emptiness of the aged

As age takes hold and the joints begin to ache, one could be forgiven for letting another day pass in the living mausoleum of our mindless TV homes, as we listen to the raindrops on the windows and wondering if summer is ever to come.  Can hibernation last year round?

Yes it can, if you let it.  Making use of our time is the most important of all things, otherwise envious time will run out its race and leave us like dead leaves on a cold trodden path.

So no matter what it is that ails you, however ancient you feel this morning, you must achieve something this day and every day.  If you are locked in the agonising grip of arthritis,or find it difficult to remember what you had for breakfast, there is still something you can achieve, be it personal or interactive, be it a grand plan or a tiny victory over pain.

Our aging population is corporately aware that we maybe a huge burden on society if we let ourselves slump into progressive and collective dilapidation. Each one of us can make a difference, not only can we, but so we must if we are to make anything of our existence.

‘Caring for life’ was a strap-line I first  encountered in a wonderful Hospice where great and wonderful things are achieved each and every day.   Here generous people from all walks of life make very moment a valuable one for those who are terminally ill.

Surely then, we can use our own energies to ensure our moments are worthwhile, making something of our precious time, both for ourselves and for others.



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