End of Term

The winter’s apparently over, we Sun-birds are packing up and trudging back ‘home’.  It’s been a great Winter in the Caribbean, the weather and the water of the Caribbean are unassailable.  Going back to UK depresses me, all that traffic and 70 million people dashing about at such high speeds, lousy weather, the price of petrol, and all the worry of those who have nothing, and those who have too much,  those who pay taxes and those who choose not to.  those out of work and those who choose to be out of work.

It’s such a change from the lazy pace of the Caribbean where no one seems to worry about anything!  Here we have the expression when you’re asked how things are going – we reply “I’m giving thanks.”  How lovely is that, giving thanks for life itself and whatever I’ve got.  There are some folks here who have precious little, but they are still ‘giving thanks’.

We may have a rudimentary form of government, large pot holes, electricity cuts and appalling drivers but you know what?  We’re giving thanks.


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