We grieve- use words not bombs

Once more we grieve because some  maniac has killed and maimed good folk gathered in Boston for the Marathon.  A small boy who went to see his daddy is amoungst the dead – how tragic is that.  Who ever did this awful thing is one of many sad people who have poisoned minds.

For the rest of us we cannot comprehend the evil of their ways let alone understand what it is these people seek to achieve.  If these people ever had a God they have lost him, for no faith I know of would countenance such evil.

Writers, all of us must stand full square and proclaim that words not bombs are the way to a harmonious family of mankind. Words not only of love and reconciliation but also words about the human condition and the rights and responsibilities of us all.

Words too of solidarity with all who share our grief for those we do not know or will never meet.

May peace be upon them and may they find solace in the friendship and love of their families and friends.

We hope too that we respond to this evil not with evil and hatred but with measured justice and our beliefs in harmony unshaken.

We Grieve. for the people of Boston


They know we love them,

Yet we tip toe round their grief,

We are afraid

to touch the open wounds.


They know we love them,

And we know we are afraid

To hold them,

or just give them  time to chat.


They know we love them

we don’t know what to give

A smile, a minute

A hug, a greeting on the mat.


We know we love them

And all they want from us

Is just the time of day

To talk of this or that.


They know we love them

So come and share a prayer

Hold their hands and shed a tear

You know that’s where they’re are at


They know that we love them

So please don’t walk away

Grief is not a gift they bring

Just help them bear the pain.


Anthony James (c) 2013


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