Writer lost for too many words

Creating a platform, tweeting, blogging, socializing takes so much  time,  creative writing which is my raison d’etre is almost crowded out.  Whilst the electronic age opens so many channels we are in danger of being submerged in the rush of self promotion.  Good literature is being dwarfed by the cult of cheap celebrity and instant self publicity.  I feel that I will write my best work that no one will read because it will demand an effort from the reader and of course his opportunity to discover me.  In this crowded ether it seems that neither is likely to happen. 

So should I surrender to the inevitable, one thing or the other?  Write good literature or join the sad gossiping frippery of the pursuit of celebrity?  It seems I must have faith and be happy, write as well as i can, each piece a small work of art, an end in itself, it is just sad that few, if any, will read it.  Time to write then and end this Blog.


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